After visiting Ghent, me and my girlfriend continued to Antwerpen. Since it takes only around 45 minutes we decided before even leaving for Ghent, that we should combine both cities. I can only recommend this to everyone, since both cities are not really big. If you have 2-3 days of time... The city Antwerpen is... Continue Reading →


Another small city trip

First time going fully analog on a holiday trip Since I made the switch from digital to analog not so long ago, this was the first time only shooting film on holiday. And I loved it. The excitement of not knowing what you've got until the film is developed never ceases to amaze me. I'm... Continue Reading →

I like going to markets

Yes, I like going to markets. But not like many people, in order to shop, but I find that it's a concentration of motives for street photography.  Plus, it is easy to take photos of strangers since they are distracted by looking at the offered items. My personal favorite are second hand markets. You can... Continue Reading →

My first ever blog post

Good evening folks (sort of...), This is my first ever blogpost. Even if I do have a facebook page ( ),  I want to start sharing my thoughts and pictures with you through a real blog. I started getting into analog photography some time ago with an old Canon AE1 which had that horrible squeaky... Continue Reading →

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