My first ever blog post

Good evening folks (sort of…),

This is my first ever blogpost. Even if I do have a facebook page ( ),  I want to start sharing my thoughts and pictures with you through a real blog. I started getting into analog photography some time ago with an old Canon AE1 which had that horrible squeaky shutter sound.. I still learned a lot on that camera and never really had any trouble with it until a month ago where it suddenly broke down and I was not even able to see what was going on.. So I decided to head out and buy myself a Nikon FM2N black edition with a 50mm f/2. I was really lucky to find out that it was nearly new ! So this is my current equipment..


I’m also developing my films on my own (I’ll go more into detail in another blog post). Therefore I use Ilford chemicals, since i mostly shoot with Ilford films.

I mostly shoot in Luxembourg city (since I do street photography most of the time), so expect to see a lot of stuff coming from there.

Here are some sample images I’ve shot lately :


Getting that shot while walking…


What a nice place to hang (or stand ?) out


Getting to know the passing strangers…


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