First time processing color film

Yes, I processed my first ever color film. Not only is it the first time I process it, but it’s also the first time I shot color film. And I must admit, I really enjoyed it. It’s a bit more stressful than processing black and white film but it’s worth it.

How I did it

I ordered a Tetenal C-41 kit on Fotoimpex and got started. Everything you need to know is already on the internet and even written in a small manual you get with your kit, so I won’t explain it once more.

Here’s how it looked before and during the process :

The most important thing is : Make sure your chemicals are at 38 C when you use them and that you always have everything you need within reach ! I would also write the times and agitations down just to always be able to look at it quickly.

Taking the roll out

It all went way better than I expected it to. Especially since I shot a film that was expired since 2005 (Kodak Gold 100). That’s also why some pictures were unusable because of the grain. Nevertheless some of them came out pretty nice.

And yes, I store my chemicals in PET-Bottles. I think it’s one of the best ways to do it, since you can squeeze the air out, which will make your chemicals last longer.


Nikon FM2N – 50mm f1.8 e series – Kodak Gold 100 (expired since 2005)

The colors in some of the pictures are a bit hazy but I think that’s due to the old film.

Nikon FM2N – 50mm f1.8 e series – Kodak Gold 100 (expired since 2005)

The weather was perfect…

Nikon FM2N – 50mm f1.8 e series – Kodak Gold 100 (expired since 2005)

No, she was not shouting at me…. in case some of you wonder 😉

Nikon FM2N – 50mm f1.8 e series – Kodak Gold 100 (expired since 2005)
Nikon FM2N – 50mm f1.8 e series – Kodak Gold 100 (expired since 2005)

Even pigeons sometimes need a snack !

Nikon FM2N – 50mm f1.8 e series – Kodak Gold 100 (expired since 2005)
Nikon FM2N – 50mm f1.8 e series – Kodak Gold 100 (expired since 2005)


Hope you like the results. At least I do. Quite glad they came out acceptable even if it was the first time I did it. Does anyone of you have any tips for color processing ? Let me know if you do !


I did really enjoy developing my first ever color film and I will continue doing it in the future. Not only is it extremely fun, it also saves you a lot of money if you do it on your own. With this kit, I think you could do 17-20 rolls of film which equals around 1.2 euros per roll.. Compared to 5-7 euros if you get it done in a professional lab. So if someone would ask me if I will do it again : Yes I would.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks a lot for reading !


4 thoughts on “First time processing color film

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  1. Well done!!

    Tried it too some weeks back and found it was hard to keep the temperature at 38°. As you can also develop at 30° with longer development times I simply bought a cheap aquarium heater from Amazon (35) and use a thermos box to put my chemicals and the development tank in. The heater keeps everything at the right temperature (too bad it won’t go up to 38°) and the thermos box helps too.

    Will definitely develop some more color… though I prefer shooting b&w

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Frank !
      Well honestly I didn’t really pay too much attention at keeping the temperatures at 38 degrees. I just poured the hottest water I could get into the sink and let the chemicals sit in it. When the developer reached 38C I poured it into the tank and did the usual business (invert and so on) outside of the sink so the temperature must have lowered a bit after some while.
      The Blix also had 38 degrees (somehow didn’t get hotter in the water) so I managed to have this alright aswell. Again I did not put my tank with chemicals and film loaded back into the water.
      The Stabilizer is not so extremely sensitive to temperature so I just poured it in (it must have been around the same temperatures as the other chemicals since it was in the same water…)
      I hope I was able to explain to you how I did it..
      I like both.. But the development of black and white film is definetely easier and more enjoyable 😉
      BTW I’ll check your color work then 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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