After visiting Ghent, me and my girlfriend continued to Antwerpen. Since it takes only around 45 minutes we decided before even leaving for Ghent, that we should combine both cities. I can only recommend this to everyone, since both cities are not really big. If you have 2-3 days of time…

The city

Antwerpen is a lot bigger than Ghent. We started from the “Groote Markt” which is maybe the most known square.

The “Groote Markt”

From here we went on to the “Meir”. All the shops you could ever imagine are in this street, so it took quite some time to get through it ;-).

The “Meir” street
“What do you think is in there ?”

At the end of the street, you can see the Central station which, for me, was a highlight. It has a beauty not many railway stations have to offer.

The central station nearly looks like a church

Behind the railway station is the zoo. We did not visit it, since we didn’t have too much time and it was quite expensive.

After visiting the railway station, we went back to the hotel (since it was quite late already and we hadn’t even booked a restaurant). On the way back, a little greek tavern hopped in our way. Since it was quite near to the hotel, I booked a table and later we would have dinner there (and the food was amazing !).

Before going back to the hotel to freshen up, we went to some kind of dyke or bridge near the harbor of Antwerpen. This offered quite some beautiful shots.

Look into the eternal


On our second day, I discovered that there was a tunnel under the water combing the city centre to the part on the other side of the water. I thought this would definitely be worth to visit and off we went. Finding the entrance of it was by far not as easy as we had hoped for. We were searching for it directly next to the water whilst the entrance was a hundred meters away from it. After finding it we went down. A very old but lovely escalator takes you around 30 meters under the sea level. Here the tunnel begins. And it looks eternal…

After this, we walked a bit through the city and saw some quite lovely narrow streets and shops.

Come out of there !

And then, unfortunately, our trip came to an end and we went back home… With, again, some beautiful memories in our heads that not even pictures can display….

Thank you very much for reading !



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