Welcome to my gear cathegory.

As you’re here, I strongly suspect that you suffer the same problem as me and many other photographers out there : The Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS).

I’ve been very lucky and got most of my stuff out of my father’s cupboard. He has been shooting very much B&W when he was in my age and by consequence had a lot of stuff lying around. He’s made the switch to digital so he doesn’t need anything anymore so he gave me all of his analog stuff. Nevertheless, I bought myself a Nikon FM2N black edition since I was just impressed by the sheer beauty of it. With it along, I also bought a 50mm f/2 for its impressive sharpness.


So here’s my camera which I use nearly all the time :

My Nikon FM2N. It is in really mint condition and I strongly doubt it’s ever been really used..

Then there’s my Nikon FE2 :

This one is still in really good condition. I got it from my father who used it quite a lot but always paid attention and loved it as much as I do now. I use this one normally beside my FM2N with a color film loaded since it functions nearly all the same as the FM2N.

Last but not least there’s this beast :

My Nikon FE with an MD-12. This one has been used a lot by my father. I use it mainly for portait stuff since it’s shutter speed only goes up to 1000/s whereas the other go to 4000/s. I know it doesn’t really make that much of a difference but it’s just a personal preference. It has also got the grip on it (I know i could put it on the other bodies as well, but again it’s a personal preference)…


This is actually the more important part as the lenses make the biggest difference in the quality of a picture.

Let’s start with this one :

My Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 series E. It’s a lovely “pancake” lens and from F/4 onwards it’s just super sharp from edge to edge.

Then there’s it’s bigger brother :

My Nikkor 50mm f/2 ai-s. This one is a lot bigger and heavier which causes me to use it a lot less. It’s still a lovely lens and it’s a little better built then the f/1.8 series E. The main reason why I don’t sell it is because you don’t even get 50 bucks from it and that’s not worth it in my opinion.

I’ve also got a wide angle lens :

My Nikkor 28mm f/2.8. I simply love this lens. It’s super sharp from edge to edge and it’s built quality is simply outstanding. I think my father loved it aswell since it looks a bit abused but it’s still in top notch condition and performs super well ! If you can, get one !

And finally here’s the big one :

The Nikkor 200mm f/3.5. It already is an autofocus lens which I don’t benefit from but it’s sharpness is enormous. I use this lens mainly for portraiture since the focal length can’t really be used in my daily shooting.


Thank you for reading !


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